Common Ecommerce shipping options

How to Set Shipping Rates for Your Online Store

Meet your online customer’s shipping expectations. Your online customer is a completely different purchaser than your local clientele. The online customer understands there is an added cost for shipping and wants to save as much as they can either in price or shipping cost. There are several options concerning how to charge for shipping with […]

Plugin research

How to choose a WordPress plugin

Plugins can add all sorts of functionality to your WordPress site, and they’re easy to install and manage. Sometimes, though, plugins don’t play nicely with other plugins, your theme or the current core version of WordPress. While you may not be able to avoid plugin conflicts completely, there are a few easy steps you can […]

10 Preventable Bad Website Mistakes

A good website identifies the core story of an organization and tells it in the best possible way, making it memorable, compelling, actionable and resonant with the key audience. To bring together your companies branding, messaging design, story and information architecture with a good content strategy, don’t make these 12 website mistakes: Not optimizing your website […]