What’s New in HTML5?

HTML5  intoduces new feaures built into the browser without the use of plug-ins and/or scripting in the form of new elemenst and APIs: The Canvas element: allows scriptable bitmap editing. Document editing: permits editing content directly in the web pages Web forms: self validate and offer more input types. Drag-and-drop: allows manipulating elements without scripting […]

What is “Section 508”?

The legislation referred to as “Section 508” is actually an amendment to the Workforce Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The amendment was signed into law by President Clinton on August 7, 1998. Section 508 requires that electronic and information technology that is developed by or purchased by the Federal Agencies be accessible by people with disabilities. […]

What are the WCAG Standards — Who Set Them?

WCAG technical documents are developed by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (WCAG WG), which is part of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) and defines how to make Web content more accessible to people with disabilities. Accessibility involves a wide range of disabilities, including visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, […]

Definition of Web Accessibility, Why it Matters & for Whom it Matters.

Web accessibility is designing websites that provide enjoyable, efficient, learnable, predictable and memorable user experience for users who have some form of disability. These include: Users who cannot see, hear, move, or able to process some types of information easily. Users that have difficulty reading or understanding text. Users who may not be able to […]

Innovation Starts Here…

Being able to foster an environment that facilitates effective brainstorming is really important to get the right product designed. I found IDEO’s effective brainstorming rules generate better ideas; prevent high cost and kiosk; and flush-out new ideas. Here’s an opportunity to try out some IDEO’s “rules” of brainstorming on your next project: THE SEVEN RULES […]

What is this blog about?

This blog is a place to keep track and share CSS, Web accessibility, Joomla! CMS, Usability, User Centered Design and Marketing strategies/solutions. This shared resource will offer the latest in trends and technologies discovered and learned during my Graduate studies at Marlboro College’s Graduate School and through work experience. Enjoy, learn and create a memorable […]