A better balance for 2016

What’s your direction for the New Year?


It’s time to level up for the New Year. We like to think that our lives pivot on the notion that we are the perfect being. Proficient at making decisions. Accomplished at taking on responsibility and initiating new processes. But are we? And do we truly understand the real effects of raising or lowering your expectations?

Seth Godin’s New Years blog post helped me hone in my New Years resolution to better balance my expectations:

  • Lower the expectations that I’ll find an easy way out.
  • Raise my expectations on what I can contribute.
  • Lower my expectations on how effective a shortcut really is.
  • Raise my expectations that technology can do it if I push it.
  • Lower my expectations that an angry fight can help win something I care about.
  • Raise my expectations on how much a consistent daily action can transform my status quo.
  • Lower my expectations of finding a fairy godmother.
  • Raise them with the power of concrete goals to keep me from straying or hiding.

As we move in to a new year, it’s the perfect time to think about leveling up and assess what it means to make new choices on what we will do next. What are your plans for a better-balanced path in 2016?

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