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Swift Treks Ideology

Swift Trek believes the backbone of the Internet is the people who use it. They form its soul and it becomes the customer’s trail of choice.  Customers visiting a website expect to experience a memorable adventure that compels them to want to keep interacting and coming back for more. Swift Trek helps businesses discover their true Internet survival needs and design websites their customers will enjoy visiting.

Cara Nelson, Founder and Creative Trailblazer of Swift Trek MediaAbout Cara

Hello, I’m Cara Nelson and I am a motivated solo-preneur who looks across the entire forest instead of focusing on the giant tree in my path. I have spiritedness to help small-medium businesses establish engaging online strategies that maximize the power of a well designed website to increase profits. My calling is to create optimal online pathways between businesses and their customers with successful websites packed with positive user experiences. During my offline time, I enjoy getting outside for a good hike. Read my hiking blog.

As Founder and Creative Trailblazer of Swift Trek, I leverage the Internet to help businesses communicate with their customers, and reach their goals. I am: a versatile, accomplished user experience generalist; a hands-on leader with equal amounts of experience working in start-up and corporate environments; bring valuable branding expertise in the design of print and web-based products for the consumer audiences; promote business through Internet marketing and social media; and build successful engaging websites.

A design thinker and agile enthusiast, I have 26+ years of marketing and branding of small-to-corporate businesses through print media, and over fifteen years of promoting businesses online. I bring new and innovative ideas, and apply the most current methods and techniques with measurable results.

I hold two Master degree’s from Marlboro Colleges Graduate School: a Master’s in Internet Strategy Management; and a Master’s in Information Technologies with a focus on Open Source Web Development.

Cara’s NPR Commentary

The Three Musketeers and the Canadian border 1927

March 22, 2016:

Cara Nelson shares how her grandmothers historical 1927 hike influenced many women across the country to seek out valiant new opportunities to get outside.

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Eyes on Conservation Podcast

Cara Nelson and her son on the Long Trail on top of Killington

December 23, 2015:

Listen as I tell some of my grandmother’s stories, share memories about my 1997 Long Trail thru hike, and tell about recent hiking adventures my son.

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Long Trail Enthusiast

Musketeers Too, Cara and her son Carl on top of MT Horrid Cliffs during their 2013 Long Trail hike.

Along with my 13-year-old son, I’m trekking northbound on Vermont’s Long Trail, sections at a time, to complete my second end-to-end-hike. My grandmother was of one of the “Three Musketeers”, who in 1927 became the first female documented Long Trail end-to-end hike. To continue my grandmothers legacy and spirited feat we hike as “Musketeers, Too!”

The Long Trail is a 270-mile trail of rough beautiful wilderness stretching across the entire spine of Vermont’s Green Mountains, from the Vermont-Massachusetts border to Canada. For a sense of what it’s like to hike the Long Trail read my hiking blog. Or learn more about this wonderful trail please visit the Green Mountain Club, who established, built and maintains the trail.