10 Preventable Bad Website Mistakes

A good website identifies the core story of an organization and tells it in the best possible way, making it memorable, compelling, actionable and resonant with the key audience.

To bring together your companies branding, messaging design, story and information architecture with a good content strategy, don’t make these 12 website mistakes:

  1. Not optimizing your website pages for searching.
  2. Not optimizing your title tag and meta tags.
  3. Not having any quality inbound links.
  4. Not having a professional, trustworthy design and being inconsistent with colors, images, fonts, navigation messaging, and layout.
  5. Being more flashy than helpful.
  6. Not having a blog.
  7. Not answering the big questions: who, what, and why (and where, if needed).
  8. Only selling instead of selling and educating.
  9. Using jargon and corporate gobbledygook. Only using one form of content.
  10. Making your website and its content static instead of dynamic. Being clever instead of clear.

So, what are your website faults? Learn more about easily avoidable website mistakes.

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