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Website Evaluation Tools

Online tools to optimize and evaluate your website for better ranking: A great source listing various tools for different aspects of website evaluations‚ basic to advanced, displaying properly in browsers to good SEO ranking and more…

Know Your Customer

Good marketing grabs attention, creates loyal customers who return frequently and stay for long periods of time. Accomplish this by understanding your customer’s habits, needs and wants. Truly learn about your various user groups and what their expectations are for the perfect online experience.

Email Sign-ups

General guidelines is never ask for more than you can actually use… and push hard to keep it as simple as possible. Generally you should ask for first name and email address as a minimum. Conversion rates drop the more form fields you have and more required fields you have.

Analytics Links and Tech Help

Here are a some links that will help with the more Google Analytics advanced stuff. Conversion University (Great information!) Outbound Link Tracking: Tracking binary files (.pdf, .docs, etc) on your website:

Cool SEO Tool

At Joomla New England in June, I discovered a cool SEO tool from Barrie North (great speaker!) called Scribe. It’s a SEO service that analyzes your content and tells you how you can make it better for search engines and get ranked higher. It’s a free extension for Joomla that taps into the Scribe content […]