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A path in to the woods

A better balance for 2016

What’s your direction for the New Year? It’s time to level up for the New Year. We like to think that our lives pivot on the notion that we are the perfect being. Proficient at making decisions. Accomplished at taking on responsibility and initiating new processes. But are we? And do we truly understand the […]

Writing your compelling story

Write a compelling brand story

We tell stories as a powerful way to instill belief and build trust. The story your company tells should be the focus of your content strategy, and how you communicate, educate and entertain customers about your company’s products and services. This will increase the visibility of your business, generate trust, steer traffic to your organization […]

Common Ecommerce shipping options

How to Set Shipping Rates for Your Online Store

Meet your online customer’s shipping expectations. Your online customer is a completely different purchaser than your local clientele. The online customer understands there is an added cost for shipping and wants to save as much as they can either in price or shipping cost. There are several options concerning how to charge for shipping with […]