Cool SEO Tool

At Joomla New England in June, I discovered a cool SEO tool from Barrie North (great speaker!) called Scribe. It’s a SEO service that analyzes your content and tells you how you can make it better for search engines and get ranked higher. It’s a free extension for Joomla that taps into the Scribe content optimization algorithm from your Joomla backend. The low end service cost is $17 a month.

I’ve installed it in my Joomla site and signed up for the 30 day free test drive to see if I can create better content.

I think it’s cool because you can analyze your articles to improve their SEO copywriting with the click of a button. The analysis shows you what search engines think your article is about, and then suggests and guides you to make it better. Its like having an SEO copywriting expert and helps you optimize your content faster and easier. Sounds good and Barrie spoke highly about it — I’ll see how it helps my project site.

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