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Being able to foster an environment that facilitates effective brainstorming is really important to get the right product designed. I found IDEO’s effective brainstorming rules generate better ideas; prevent high cost and kiosk; and flush-out new ideas.

Here’s an opportunity to try out some IDEO’s “rules” of brainstorming on your next project:


  1. Defer judgment
    Don’t dismiss any ideas. Any idea is a good idea, no matter how crazy.
    Nothing can kill the spirit of a brainstorm quicker than judging ideas before they have a chance to gain legs.
  2. Encourage wild ideas
    Embrace the most out-of-the-box notions because they can be the key to solutions.
    The whole point of brainstorming is coming up with new and creative ideas.
  3. Build on the ideas of others
    No “buts”, only “ands.”Sometimes people say crazy and bizarre things, like “make it on Mars”, but there is some element of truth in it. When you build on the ideas of others, you might bring those crazy ideas back down to earth and make them real innovations.
  4. Stay focused on the topic
    Always keep the discussion on target.
    Otherwise you can diverge beyond the scope of what you’re trying to design for.
  5. One conversation at a time
    No interrupting, no dismissing, no disrespect, no rudeness.
    Let people have their say.
  6. Be visual
    Use yellow, red and blue markers to write on big 30-inch by 25-inch Post-its that are put on a wall. Nothing gets an idea across faster than drawing it. Doesn’t matter how terrible of a sketcher you are.
  7. Go for quantity
    Aim for as many new ideas as possible. In a good session, up to 100 ideas are generated in 60 minutes. Crank the ideas out quickly.

Source: 7 Tips on Brainstorming

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