Usability Tips

""How usable is your current Website?

When people think about creating a great website they often envision a stylish and professional layout, a striking design and images that look like they were just taken out of a magazine. But while looks are definitely important for a website, it’s crucial not to neglect another significant criteria – the site’s usability.


Use consistent intuitive navigation. Users are impatient. They hate having to learn new site navigation. Make your navigation obvious and consistent throughout your site. Remember – if they can’t find it in 3 clicks, they’re gone.

How Readable Is Your Site:

Did you ever visit a website and find yourself straining your eyes in order to be able to read the texts? That site, my friends, is what you’d call low on readability values. It’s highly important to avoid this situation and allow your visitors to read through your site seamlessly and effortlessly. You can test your site’s readability with this online tool for free.

Keep Content as Concise as Possible

  • Get to the point as quickly as possible.
  • Cut out unnecessary information.
  • Use easy-to-understand, shorter, common words and phrases.
  • Avoid long paragraphs and sentences.
  • Text and typography have to be easy and pleasant to read.
  • Content should be easy to understand.
  • Content should be skimmable because web users don’t read a lot. Studies show that in a best-case scenario, we only read 28% of the text on a web page.
  • Use Headings to Break Up Long Articles.
  • Make the first two words count, because users tend to read the first few words of headings, titles and links when they’re scanning a webpage.