About Swift Trek

Cara Nelson founder and Web Design Developer at Swift Trek

I am Cara Nelson, Owner, Web Designer Developer

I’m the driving force behind Swift Trek.

As the owner, web designer, and developer, I bring to life captivating online experiences that prioritize User Experience (UX) and the power of WordPress. Beyond the digital realm, I’m an avid speaker and educator, sharing my passion for web design with others. When I’m not immersed in code and design, you’ll find me cherishing moments with my family and embracing the great outdoors through adventurous escapades. Swift Trek is more than a business; it reflects my dedication to creating, teaching, exploring, and making meaningful connections.

Beyond the Screen: Embracing the Trailblazing Spirit

When I step away from the keyboard, another adventure begins – one that takes me to the heart of Vermont’s wilderness.

As a dedicated Long Trail Enthusiast, I find solace, inspiration, and a connection to a legacy close to my heart.

My grandmother, Catherine Robbins, was part of the legendary ‘Three Musketeers’ – trailblazing women who conquered the Vermont Long Trail in 1927, etching their names in history as the first documented female end-to-end hikers. With each step, they proved that determination and spirit know no bounds.

To honor my grandmother’s indomitable legacy, I’ve embarked on my journey along the Long Trail, embracing the title ‘Musketeers, Too!’ This trail is more than a path; it’s a thread that connects generations and stories, reminding me that the spirit of adventure runs deep in my blood.

Like in web design, every twist and turn presents an opportunity to discover, learn, and connect. Just as I’m driven to create intuitive digital experiences, I move to explore and appreciate the beauty of our natural world. Together, both passions embody the essence of Swift Trek – a journey beyond screens and pixels, fusing technology with nature and legacy with innovation.

So, whether I’m crafting seamless websites or conquering trails, know that the same passion, determination, and dedication that fuel Swift Trek guide me every step of the way.”

Cara Nelson hiking the Long Trail with her son Carl.
The Three Musketeers, the first three women to hike Vermont's Long Trail

Cara’s Vermont Public Commentary

Cara Nelson eloquently reflects on the profound impact of her grandmother’s historic 1927 hike. This inspiration rippled across the nation, encouraging countless women to embrace bold new opportunities for outdoor exploration.

Join me in embracing the legacy, the journey, and the adventure. Let’s create, explore, and inspire – together.